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Why LuxPup?

Posted by LuxPup on April 1, 2010 at 8:14 PM

A lot of people ask how our puppies are so cute and small.

When we take our dogs outside, some people ask us if they are real.


Some also wonder despite of the price, how they find home so quickly and people wait months and months to adopt a puppy from us.


Why are puppies from LuxPup so special and why all our customers are happy about our puppies and service?


Here are answers!



We always thrive to provide best quality puppies possible.


Sometimes that can mean a longer wait time before the perfect puppy becomes available.

Our puppies are worth the wait as many of our clients can attest to, they exceed expectation. We are so confident about our puppies' quality that we do not take any deposit to secure a buyer for our puppies and we encourage you to browse around and compare our puppies with others.  We are very proud of the quality of our puppies and we know that they second to none.


Here at Lux Pup we believe in taking the time to make sure our clients are making informed decisions.  We take the time to photograph and do short video clips of our puppies so that our clients can see the puppies individual characteristics and personality.  We are able to provide birth information, the estimated adult size of each puppy as well as new puppy care information.  We never make people decide on their new addition to their family with just a couple of pictures.


We believe all the puppies we sell reflect the quality and standards of Lux Pup and therefore are chosen very carefully.  All our previous buyers are happy with their puppies and most of them have come back to us to adopt another member of their family and a new playmate for their original puppy.


Come and view our pictures and our video clips, you will be glad you did. :)

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